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As “ladies vest brand”, the label AYMUSE, founded in 2018, combines with it’s design creation masculine silhouettes and understatement with female self-confidence.

Our mission is to create surprises by using only the highest quality, hand-picked fabrics, finest materials and a lot of love for detail paired with artistic passion with always new variations in design and silhouettes.

The elf symbolises the woman as a graceful creature full of love, dreams and imagination.

As people, we are all made of the same heavenly matter and are connected by energy. That is why every woman reflects the magical beauty of the universe.

made of stardust

AYMUSE founder: Nadja Cosima Weletzky

the brand

As “ladies vest brand”, the label AYMUSE, founded in 2018, reinterprets classic menswear for modern women, creating casual, chic and elegant designer vests, that always serves as the focus of every look. Combined in many ways just as the fancy takes you, our vests are an individual stylistic device for today’s self-confident woman.